Drew | London, Ontario Newborn Photographer

It’s a…. BOY!!

How you can go 9 whole months without finding out the sex of your baby is amazing. I WISH I would be able to wait come my turn to start a family, but I don’t think I would have the patience; and I’m a newborn photographer!! 😉

I cannot say enough how much I LOVED working with this family. Not only did I have the privilege of capturing their new baby boy, but I also got to shoot their maternity session a few months back.

I have to say Drew’s big brother, Connor was one of the best parts of the newborn session for me. What an energetic guy he was! Who knew a tripod could be so entertaining for so many hours. Bringing it up and down, up and down. We bonded over a few test photos of just him in the beginning, where he had a bawl rolling around on fluffy rug! And with a hug from him to top it off, I would say it was a win!

However, then came the time for the sought after sibling photo. Poor guy really wasn’t sure about holding his new baby brother. Which is okay, it happens! By the end of the session I was kind of sad I wasn’t able to get that special moment for mom and dad. I had no usable image of the two of them together and I wasn’t going to push him for it..

But alas, then I saw it! I had the perfect test shot of Connor and a fluke shot of Drew at the right angle. Thank goodness for Photoshop! You can see the before and after images HERE 🙂

Introducing, Drew!



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