Brooke | London, Ontario Newborn Photographer

Oh, Brooke.. How I wish every newborn baby slept like you did. You my dear, were a photographers dream! Every shot I wanted to accomplish, you allowed. You rocked it!! I hope you LOVE the photos as much as I do!

Now.. It has taken a lot to build up to this point in my “newborn posing career,” if you can call it that. I have only been shooting newborns for a year now and have seen a steady improvement, which is such a great feeling! I have longed so much to do the tummy shots with the babies head resting on their arms or really anything that didn’t consist of them on their back in every shot. I am not saying it is a bad thing, but I want and expect more out of myself. And I love variety. I believe I have only accomplished such a pose once or twice before. If I felt the baby was not a very sound sleeper, there was no way I would attempt it. Even after having attended the Baby Love Workshop by the ever so lovely, Tisha Johnson, I still had not found the level of confidence I needed. Let’s just say, I am so very thankful for Tisha’s continued support, the boost of confidence recently and the help of my coop student Ashley!¬†Ashley was so eager, kind and helpful. I don’t know that I could have had such a smooth session without her. I really hope to have a coop student as a staple during sessions and allow mom and dad to relax fully.

I would really like to take this chance to expand on my experiences with the Baby Love workshop, last November. Clearly this is long overdue, but I wanted to have images that would really showcase what I learned. I had taken two online workshops previously and felt that I was going into the 2-day workshop with a good understanding and knowledge of newborns and how to run a session. I feel that I came out of the workshop reassured and with a bunch of new tidbits and tricks. Tisha shared so much with us and no question was off limits. We touched on everything from editing, marketing, products and of course safety, posing and calming techniques. She even allowed for each of us to take photos from each of the set ups. Of which I did not personally take part in. I did not want to showcase photos that I could not take full credit for, when it came to posing, shooting and editing. I wanted to post images that I know I could recreate and pose myself. So I sat back and took in every little bit that I could. I also really loved that I had the opportunity to meet and get to know so many other great photographers in the area, some that I even greatly admired. Taking the workshop was the best experience and a greatest investment. I would do it all over again in a heart beat if I could and highly recommend it! Any photographer that is serious about shooting newborns needs to take a workshop or 1:1 mentor with an experienced newborn photographer, and do their homework. For your benefit in running a safe, smooth and creative session, but more importantly for the safety and comfort of the newborn. So so much goes into a session and there is a lot to learn. You will not regret it and it will give you and your photography a tremendous boost!


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